6 STEPS TO CONVERT your face-to-face training into a digital learning experience that will pivot and scale your business
  • Is your primary business facilitating face to face training workshops and programs?
  • Has the recent social distancing and business closures had a significant impact on your business and profits?
  • Are you wanting to pivot your business to have a digital learning offer, increase your online presence and scale your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this masterclass is for you!

The world of training and facilitation has changed
Recent events have meant that the training and facilitation space has changed. With social distancing protocols and employees working from home, the face to face facilitated learning event has effectively disappeared (for now). The successful trainers / facilitators of today’s environment are those that have created a digital learning experience and are able to continue educating their learners, delivering change and creating impact as a result. However, many trainers / facilitators have struggled with the technology and lack the knowledge on how to pivot in the digital space and are now at risk of being left behind or unemployed.
You have the Power to Pivot

Your knowledge is your power. How you share that knowledge is critical to your success. Previously it may have been shared through face to face interactions, but this has changed. But you can pivot into the digital learning space. You have a quality learning experience and can pivot that experience into the digital learning environment.

The modern entrepreneur is shifting to become an ‘edupreneur’ – providing an educational and entrepreneurial income generating business, driven by credibility, scalability and profitability. With more edupreneurs delivering online learning programs than ever before, the online education market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

If you are ready to revolutionize the way you deliver your services and generate more  business then, Join Our Masterclass.

A Masterclass designed to get you into the digital learning world

To ensure a high level of collaboration and interaction, each Masterclass will be limited to 10 participants.

  1. Knowledge - People have the subject matter expertise but lack the knowledge of digital learning design to convert existing face to face courses and create an effective digital learning experience.
  2. Time - People often lack the time to devote to designing and developing the digital learning course, which has an impact on the quality required to create an impactful and superb digital learning experience.
  3. Technology - Selecting the incorrect learning tool or not matching the method to the media can have a negative impact on the digital learning experience.

Our Masterclass is designed to guide you through these key problems to help you redesign your face to face course into a quality digital learning experience.

Our SUPERB learning designer will guide you through the process of converting your course into a digital learning experience, through a range of tools and templates.

This is not a theoretical masterclass, this is highly practical where you will (if you put in the effort) walk away with a redesigned digital learning experience, allowing you to scale and be profitable.

What does the Masterclass provide?

  • 6 1½ hour virtual workshops guiding you through the strategy, experience and assets required to redesign your learning experience
  • Up to 2 hours of virtual one on one coaching session with our learning designer (divided into 4 30-minute sessions)
  • Access to our online learning program to support you through the redesign of your course
  • Access to our community to support you in a social and collaborative way
  • Walk away with a design blueprint for your redesigned digital learning experience

To ensure a high level of collaboration and interaction, each Masterclass will be limited to 10 participants.

Your investment in a Masterclass of this type would normally be $725 but we are currently offering a 19% discount and you can join the Masterclass for $587 (ex GST)
What is Covered?
The Virtual Workshop Sessions 

The Masterclass commences on May 19 - a 1 1/2 hour virtual event,

followed by 6 weekly sessions covering the topics below.


A strategic look at your course offering, including the what and why.


An opportunity to set the framework for the learner’s journey in the digital learning experience. 

Session 2 - Promoting the program
Exploring the user persona

Designing the journey, the learners will take in the digital learning experience.

Session 3 - Creating the experience
Opportunities to market and promote the program
Social media marketing
Affiliate marketing
Session 4 - Creating the experience
Identifying the learning experiences
Virtual learning experiences

Online learning experiences

Session 5 - Resourcing the course

Defining the digital assets required


Reviewing existing learning assets for currency, relevance and suitability for the digital environment


Curation vs creation

Session 6 - Building the course
Tools and technologies to create assets
Online and virtual learning platforms

Building the community

Session 7 (bonus session) - Facilitating the virtual learning experience

Tips and techniques to engage the virtual learner


Tools to use in the virtual classroom


Facilitating in the virtual classroom

The Masterclass Facilitator

The Masterclass is delivered by our Chief Learning Architect. Matthew is a multi-award winning learning designer with over 20 years experience working with training organisations, corporates and government departments.

Matthew’s focus is on helping people share their knowledge to create impact through superb digital learning experiences. He works on building learning designs that move beyond ‘click next, next, yawn…’ and ‘one and done’ learning events., to a more campaign-based approach to learning.

Matthew has been recognised as a Certified Learning Professional (CLP) Master Facilitator and a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF).

About Superb Learning

Superb Learning is a digital learning agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to help you transform your valuable knowledge into a powerful digital learning experience and join the Edupreneur Revolution.

Our mission is to use our expertise in the online learning sector to help others share and advance their knowledge, promoting the importance of education and creating a meaningful personal, societal, and global impact.

Helping create a digital learning experience

During our 20 years of designing and developing hundreds of hours of learning content across many different industries, we found that many trainers/facilitators don’t know how to convert their face to face course into a digital learning course that will achieve scalability and visibility. So, we developed a methodology to help trainers/facilitators transform their IP into valuable and vital digital learning content for their target audience, allowing them to reach more people and increase their profile, products, and profit.

Providing the tools and technology

Trying to decide on the learning platform to use, the design tools to develop with or source the appropriate resources can be a daunting task. We have been building online courses for a while and can recommend the best tools and technologies to use to help you create a superb learning experience. We also have expertise in using the tools so can save you time, money and effort by managing the development process for you (for an additional investment).

Achieve scalability, credibility and profitability

Our SUPERB methodology helps you to convert your valuable knowledge into a powerful digital course that students can effectively engage with, without your constant involvement. This allows you to scale your business well beyond the boundaries of a traditional face-to-face course. As you increase the scale of your business, you also increase the visibility around your expertise, positioning yourself as an authoritative voice in your field and driving your lead generation. A high-quality online course can become a lucrative revenue stream for your business, expanding and evolving your profitability.

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